SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

  • Sealed bowl keeps the pet's food fresher & free of flies  Microchip Pet Feeder
  • Created for multi- pets houses stealing each other's' pet food Microchip Pet Feeder
  • Ensures your pet consumes prescription food in a controlled way  Microchip Pet Feeder
  • Perfect for weight control diets for pets Pet Feeder

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SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder
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The Microchip Pet Feeder was designed to recognise the microchip already implanted in your pet or the SureFlap RFID Collar Label (one included - packs of two sold separately), allowing your furry friend to gain access to their food while keeping out other Critters.

Designed to be used in multi-pet homes, the feeder will recognize authorized pets opening only for them.

If bully pet or unauthorised covetous tries to eat from the Bowl you WON't open, or in the event, the feeder is not already close

Does your dog eat the cats food ?

Does your baby try to play with or even eat your cat's food ?

Does your cat leave dried out food, letting it go to waste and smell ?

Or maybe one of your cats eats your other cat's food !

These are just a few of the daily problems that all cat owners face or will face in the future

That's why we created this superb product

It opens when it recognises your cat's microchip or RFID collar tag and closes when your cat has finished eating so the cat's food doesn't become the dog's dinner and little fingers Can't play or eat the cat's food! Food stays fresher in the sealed bowl meaning your cat can enjoy every bite when it wishes to eat it again it 's so easy to program , with the push of a button and a few treats in their bowl .

The bowl and Matt can be easily removed for hassle free cleaning and if you need more than one feeder you can customise them with different coloured bowls and mats so that both your cats know whose bowl is whose

Ensuring your cat's food stays their own

Programme your pet’s microchip at the touch of a button
Your pet’s microchip is then permanently stored in memory
Use with wet or dry pet food
Both types of food are kept fresher for longer in the sealed bowl
The lid opens when a registered pet approaches
Your pet can access their food at any time without the fear of it being stolen
The lid remains closed for unauthorised pets
All your pets can now live healthier lifestyles
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Sureflap feeder review
"I had high hope when purchasing this from the great reviews, and what my vet had told me and from utter despair of 1 fat cat in a multi cat family and I have not been disappointed in any way!! I 've 1 fat cat (Amber) on a strict prescription diet plus one slender cat (Minx) on routine food ,it is been soooo tough attempting to track the food consumption of Amber as well as the veterinarian proposed SureFeed along using a fresh diet, I went online to purchase 2 and nearly choked in the cost but as I 'd no other choice left I brought them and now, having found the consequences I'd pay anything for this product, it is priceless in my own eyes. Amber is timid and afraid, Minx is ardent and competitive and scheduling them both was a walk in the simple I really thought I had been doing it wrong!! I did not use the training mode although having read the directions it was insanely easy to start and use but I only needed to go right in for the kill and see how my girls responded to the new feeders Initially they avoided them for an hour or so but the more hungry they got the more inquisitive they became of their feeding places and slowly simply stared using the units and now it is like second nature to them. It is been about 4 weeks now and I could already see a change in Amber and she's not always begging for food 24 hours a day now, her belly has to be shrinking!! Actually, this can be likely saving my small Amber life as she was close into a dangerous weight. Do not be put off by the cost, especially if purchasing more than 1....please please understand it is worth every cent, it is priceless."
Rose London
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Microchip Pet Feeder

Microchip Pet Feeder

After set up the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder will cease selfish or bully pets from getting food which is not theirs, providing you with control over your pets' prescription diets, drugs and weight management. It's common that pets like to eat modest quantities of food each day. The SureFeed bowls with incorporated seal happen to be made to adapt this routine use keeping food fresher during the day and reducing wastage

It is necessary to shift your pet's food on a daily basis, not only to make sure your pet remains joyful and healthy, but in addition to keep the feeder clean and in working order.

The bowls and mat provided have been specially made to operate with SureFeed merchandises. The SureFeed bowls have an incorporated seal on their top lip. After the lid of the feeder is Shut, flies can not get in and food stays fresher. The silicone mat helps control wreck and can be removed daily for simple cleaning. Appropriate for one piece of wet or dry food. The cracked bowl was created for wet as well as dry food used in exactly the same time. The silicone mat is put on the very front of the feeder and was created to gather food mess which makes it simple to clean daily. Please take away the bowl and mat in the feeder when cleaning. To keep the incorporated seal in best state we recommend hand washing just

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rfid cat feeder
"Brilliant ! what a fantastic product I'd strongly recommend you getting one , got just before Xmas as one cat on prescription feed and other 2 aren't, just fabulous two of the cats took to there individual one straight-away although other cat little scared so we spent several hours sitting next to her with the product opened manually, by the finish of the day no difficulty what so ever, when she was hungry she soon used it! all three feed great from these wish I'd bought much sooner. One cat has his own although other two share one. Very simple to set-up the cats just had to wander nearby whilst a mild flashed not complex!"
gloucester lass
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Sureflap feeder review
"My two cats were on exactly the same diet for a very long time, the other had to go on a special low fat diet. I purchased a microchip feeder so that I could leave food out for my cat not on a special diet. It is fantastic & gave him independence. He then began to eat my other cats food that was on specific dry food , & so I decided to get a second feeder. As one is more greedy in relation to the other, I've never had the opportunity to leave out moist foods. Now I 've complete control on their diets that are different that's fantastic when working shifts. Please make an effort to follow along with the directions as the automatic lid took my cat some time to get use to it, and train your pet first. but it is easy to do"
Automatic Cat Food Dispenser
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RFID cat collar-tag
"As with several other of the reviewers we are with cats that have very different needs, in a multi-cat household. Star can only just be giving specific food as he has renal failure - we need him to consume as much as he possibly can, normally as possible. Kibble is mostly eaten by himself, and until now we'd a kibble dispenser within an effort to get him consuming more. Cassie however has ballooned to the extent of a small whale - due to said kibble dispenser - since we got her, and she's now on a strict diet of the Metabolic of Hill. It's really costly, but does seem to work - so long as she does not have access to any over food. I'd been looking at the "Bistro" apparatus that uses facial recognition to permit use of particular pets (perhaps not however launched and charges $250), moved on to seeing if I could develop a feeding box employing a magnetic collar to allow access by means of a catflap or something, then discovered this feeder.This device is a god send. Star may have his kibble and bits of his specific wet food mixed in, and will obtain it at his own pace (trying to drive him to eat is not tremendously successful). Initially we place a collar on him and used the RFID label, but we have simply got him chipped (only for use with this) and he's happier without the collar. Star got used to it really quickly and was eating after two times out of it. We've a Litter-Robot as well so he was used to things whirring and moving, but with most other pets I would suggest after the manual and finding a pet used to it mo-Re gradually utilizing the step-by-step instructions given. One dilemma is the fact that we've another cat, Loki, who's (relatively!) And that is ordinary will merely eat food that is standard. The large kibble towers he was employed to has been removed he does not have have access to foods as much as he enjoys. We're seriously considering purchasing him another of these feeders merely. It is perhaps not *entirely* flawless. An "unauthorised avaricious pet" (as the manual calls them!) can shoulder away the feeding cat, and whenever they've their snout or paw in the proper position the flap will remain open (so as not to close on and harm the pet, I assume). The veterinarian says Star has acquired fat and we are over the moon that we seem to be managing his CRF.Cassie is now definitely losing pounds as we can now firmly command her intake, and running around full of beans instead than her preceding sloth-like existence.

Honestly, I'd spend much more than this as a way to keep our cats healthy and happy


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The microchip reader is activated when your pet puts its head into the hoop on the front of the feeder.

After setup it stops your greedy pet from getting food that's not theirs, providing you control over your pet's prescription diets pets that were bully or avaricious will stop, Medicine and weight management. With integrated seal have been designed to adapt this routine use keeping food fresher through the day and reducing wastage the SureFeed bowls

Authorized pet The feeder lid will stay shut at all times until it's opened for an authorized strategies that are pet or food replacing to eat. If the pet allowed to eat and is authorized, the lid

Will slide open for them. If an unauthorized selfish pet attempts to eat from your feeder
The lid will simply not open when the lid is shut then. Once your pet has eaten and moved from the feeder the lid will close after a short delay. The bowl keeping the food fresher is again sealed by this.

Replacing the food (Open/close lid)
It is necessary to change your pet’s food on a daily basis, not only to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy, but also to keep the feeder in and clean working order.

SureFeed SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

Designed to be used in multi-pet homes, the feeder will recognise authorised pets opening only for them. Product #: 85 4.4 stars, based on 214 reviews Regular price: £99.99 £68.00 Available from: SureFlap Ltd Condition: New In stock! Order now!